Good Samaritan

Imagine having to wake up with a call that would put you through the whole morning scrambling for that connection through a dedicated “helpline”. Geezzz… *you guys sure do have had moments like this*. Indeed, I was trying with despair to reach anyone and I mean anyone from the Customer Service Department of AirAsia.

Frantically trying for more than an hour while enjoying my breakfast, I reached a person who is supposed to assist or at least hear me out. “Hello, Sir. I am sorry to inform you that all our Customer Service Officers are busy. Please leave your name and we will call you back as soon as possible”. Familiar though, but this is different. It’s an actual person speaking to me. I asked, “aren’t you now serving me?”. “Can you at least hear my request?” She replied, “No Sir, I am only trained to do  this, somebody will call you back within 24 hours”. Gosh! 24 hours…. That’s it. Adrenalin pumping and thinking, what kind of  service being rendered by the “self-proclaimed” marketing whizz Tony to his customers. All I wanted to was to file a report with the Lost & Found Department about the mobile of my wife being lost.

Minutes passed continuing trying, I finally reached this guy at the Lost & Found Department who suggested that we should have filed the report as soon as we disembark the carrier. Hmmnnn… * I really don’t remember seeing a sign at these aircrafts which says “check your belongings before leaving, should anything be missing, search for it yourself or straight away file a report”.* This is not what I have had expected. He continued to mumble that now the flight has been from destination A to B and currently to destination C and it is difficult to trace any lost items. Well then, they should have known that earlier and answer those calls immediately. Rather then to have us calling like fools.

That was the morning ordeal that I went through. Trying to just locate the phone. But as my intuition tells me, “go look-out for a new phone, we may have to buy one”. So, I inquired about some newer phones models and also checked the procedures of getting a new SIM card. Already knowing at least what would be the ideal choice….. my phone rang!. “GOT IT!” huh. “What was it?”, I asked. I found my phone said my wife. Ahhhh!!! where, who? It was the cab driver. Apparently, it was left inside the cab and the driver returned it. Good Samaritan! but not least of those ordeals that I have to go through the whole morning. But then, glad that the phone was returned. Thank you cabbie.


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