Aiming for that perfect shot

Sony A330

Should you buy anything with impulsion, you would already known deep inside that “its been killing not wanting to buy”….. I, finally bought my 1st DSLR machine. With all the choices that I may have had, I chose this, the Sony A330. While thinking what would be the best beginner hardware, I had to feel and test each and every one that matches my humble budget. So its like the grip, the hold, those buttons and overall feel which will be the deciding factors.

I asked many friends and had snooped through the net to see for myself and realised that most of these hobbyist would say that the one for you would be the one which you would feel comfortable with. Truly enough, mine was with the A330. And after all, we all know  that it’s the skill of the photographer and not the machine itself.

That brings me to search for some venues for me to accelerate the techniques my new hobby at least beyond the beginner’s level. For a start I registered to a beginner’s class offered by Sony. Hopefully, I would learn and apply those skills and enhance my skills to this new hobby. Watch out. I would be aiming for that perfect shot!


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