“Rate me from one to ten”….. *huh*

A dumbstruck moment that is so silent until we could hear the breeze from the office air-con. All three of us was puzzled by the fact that we were asked that question from the young man whom we were interviewing. Alas, one of us said, “In my experience of interviewing candidates, i never have been asked this question.”

Come one…. “Rate me from one to ten”. Was that supposedly asked by a candidate of interview? All three of us somewhat knows the answer as when we interview candidates, we would already know his/her strengths and weaknesses. But to be asked straight in the face would not be any better than us perceiving the candidate as overly confidant or ambitious.

Sometimes its not about what we ask or to who we ask those questions. Or any other questions in fact. The point is, “What do we really expect for an answer?”. Do we really wanna hear the brutal truth or just something else to comfort or lift our ego for the moment. Whatever makes us feel better, it’s just a matter of how we wanna feel about ourselves.

To that young man whom we met today…. he surely is a man of passion, ambition and with initiative. But, he is still, in my opinion trying to find words from another to comfort his believe in himself. All the best to you.


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