About Blog

I have been  wanting to be a writer for some time now. Well, I guess there’s never be a better time to pen anything but now. Why blog? I think the question is not about the “why” but about the “what”. What do I wanna write about? In my blog I have categorize it into some sections like thoughts, smile, moments and family. Mostly, I will be sharing my thoughts and I truly welcome comments, both encouraging and critical ones.

While wanting to share my thoughts and ideas, I would also like to disclaim that whatever that is written by me in this blog is solely of my views and thoughts. For all those readers who comments on my blogs, they do it with their conscience and with their opinion and I surely bear no responsibility for whatever they may write.

Lastly, for heaven’s sake, we all know what plagiarism is. Don’t do it. Should you really need to use my contents, you may want to accredit me by having my name, Sunny Lee with a link to my blog address https://sleecy.wordpress.com

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