About Me

Hi there! I am Sunny. I am a Malaysian Chinese in my late thirties. I was born, raised and now work and resides in the Klang Valley.

My life has been enriched with the blessings of a lovely wife and two little angels. As at today, Gabriel is 10 years of age and Eva having just started her Primary One will be turning seven.

I just love to share my thoughts, believes and values with all my would be blog followers. Guess thats why I started this blog. Currently, I am being employed and blogging is just or may just be my other past times other than web-surfing, movie watching or reading.

I think (or at least some people may say) that I am a “fun to be with” person. I like to laugh, giggle and tease just about anything that walks past. Joking about life gives me the joy of passing through a hectic day.

Whatever that will be written in this blog is just purely my thoughts and my views. Mind my language too if you find that my flare of writing is elementary. However, I will try not be Manglish, but not fully the “Queens”. Anyway, a blog is a blog. It’s the spontaneity of the blog that counts.

I can be contacted at sleecy@gmail.com

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