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Really missing you

This is about how you are truly being missed.

Like a well crafted clockwork, it begins with the basic routine in the morning preparing to leave home.

Amidst heavy traffic, we immersed into our other self. Often the darker one. Surely without politeness and courtesy.

In a rush we clock for the fulfillment of the time which we wage ourselves for.

At midday, the decisiveness role of whom to eat with and what to eat tolls the only hour that we might have.

Only to return to our station to faithfully fulfill our daily obligations.

The final hour struck and we call it a day but, “ring, ring”…. it’s the mobile.

Relaxing with the drive home radio program and yet drowning into yet another traffic crawl rushing home.

Finally back home, home sweet home where Daddy’s little girl wants some time with her bedtime story after dinner.

Having tucked our angels to bed, and with our loved ones snuggling at the late night news.

We looked again at the most missed person of the day…..

It’s at the mirror. You finally remembered, what happened today. “I really missed you”. I have not been with MYSELF the entire day.

In our daily lives, we often focus so much on our surrounding and the people whom we love and interact with, only to missed the mere fact that they are who they are to us simply because of our existence. In short, Love Ourself.

“Genuine love should first be directed at oneself – if we do not love ourselves, how can we love others?” Dalai Lama


He who shares never fails to learn

Setting out for a journey to achieve ones dreams would take a lot of thinking and planning. It’s almost at every point that sometimes we wonder that we could ever learn enough. Having self-confidence and believe is one thing but to achieve what we set forth to achieve, we know that we need to continuously learn.

From our schooling days and within our own education system we all learn by merely reading and observing. Sometimes not knowing what should we learn or rather what we should unlearn. Then came the internet era where we are in the “K Economy” as in the knowledge economy whereby the internet provides almost all the answer that we could acquire. Aside from books that is, the internet truly provides us the comfort of learning.

During the past weeks, I was being busy with the drawing board to my future endeavors. I set forth daily meeting new friends and share with all that what I would be embarking on. With that, I realized that what I shared was more valuable than any learning that I could have from books and any other resources.

Maybe its the passion. Maybe it’s not a one way communication as in reading or maybe there is just so much more to learn. Learning from sharing on how other people would have perceived a certain thing or topic. And mostly, the “aha” moment flashing before us. And that’s when we know that we’ve learned more than to have shared with others.

And as most religions would have preached, “giving is better than receiving”. When one give, there must be one who is to receive and in return give to the one who has initially given.

The one with the Muruku…

It was late at night and the only snack in the bedroom was a canister of muruku….

Wife: Are you hungry?

Hubby: Not really…..

Wife: Pass me that canister of muruku.

Hubby reached out to the side of the bed and handed over the canister of muruku to the wife. 1 min, 2 mins….. 5 mins. *crack, crunch* It was the hubby who was eating the muruku, more and more he dipped his fingers into the canister. Somehow, wondering why his wife was not eating it at all. After enjoying a whole lot of some muruku, thirst sets in. Hubby looked around looking for the water bottle only to realized that it was downstairs.

Hubby: Am going down to drink water and take the water bottle up, Dear.

Wife: Uh, ok.

As the hubby walked away and upon reaching the door to go downstairs, turned around and looked at his wife.

Hubby: You didn’t want to eat those muruku after all, you knew! You wanted to drink.

And they both laughed and thought that either one would have out-smarted the other.

The moral of the story is when we have our objectives and dreams set, sometimes there are many ways to achieve the desired results. After all, as the saying goes “all roads lead to Rome”.

Cast: Hubby (Sunny Lee), Wife (Mrs. Lee)…….need I say more, she got to drink after all.

1 Neighborhood – Sukaneka

Sunday 7th February 2010. The Residence Association of TMP organized the event for JKP Zone 9 MPSJ Community Carnival involving all the area within JKP Zone 9 coverage consisting of  Taman Sri Puchong, Taman Industri Puchong, Taman Mutiara Puchong, Lakeview Residence and Lake Edge.

This is an event collectively organised by the AJKS comprising the various residences to enhance community relationship amongst the various residential communities in the spirit of community bonding.

Very glad that this event turned out to be a well participated one. I guess these are the efforts needed to bring all of us closer to that vision of 1 Malaysia.

Model Inc.

Last Saturday, I attended a half-day photography class which was conducted by Sony. It’s a complimentary class titled “Basic Photography with Alpha”. Since it was a free introduction class to DSLR photography, I did not expect so much from the class besides getting some basic photography tips from the speaker. John Shum was his name, middle-aged and seems to have years of experience with those lenses. I was seated in front of those 30 something participants who look like they are all from different walks of life.

“A, S and M settings, remember these” was what my pal David taught me before this class. basically he was gearing me up to those jargons. Well, I thank him at least for making me understand better. If not for his tips I would have been in the class wondering in LaLa Land.

My amateur model shoot

Having noticed the extensive ppt of John, I realized that this guy is taking every word he says seriously and professionally. Welcome to the 83rd Class. Aaaa… No wonder, he has taught these classes since years ago and thats why he looked so composed and relaxed.  During his lecture, I understood more about the basic techniques to photography. Nice room setup and detailed explanations. We had a really good time learning and fiddling with our own machines. All of a sudden, “Are those two models here?”, uttered John. Models, I wasn’t really thinking that they will provide models for us to shoot. Indeed, John announced that we would have an hour to do some pool-side shooting with two models.

It was really uneasy for me to instantly turned myself in a photographer to shoot someone posing. It’s just different than normal camera clicking. WTH…. just shoot! Goodness, I must say that those shots are really amateur and it could also be because I hadn’t had my lunch. Shaky hands. I did not take many shots as I had difficulty of adjusting the camera as the backlighting was strong. Nevertheless, I am still grateful that I managed some decent ones. *comment of this photo*

Back at the class at about 5pm. I wondered what time would it be over as I was really hearing my stomach growling. I smell food and food it is. Viola, they serve food. Fried noodles, chicken wings, sandwiches along with coffee and tea. Not bad, for a complimentary seminar.

An hour later, it was time to round-up and we had our group photo session and bade goodbye. Goodbye at least for the day as we will be in touch primarily through a forum addressed So… my well spent Saturday afternoon and afterall, sometimes complimentary stuffs could still turnout worthwhile. I guess it’s the passion of the people organizing it. Thank you Sony.

Aiming for that perfect shot

Sony A330

Should you buy anything with impulsion, you would already known deep inside that “its been killing not wanting to buy”….. I, finally bought my 1st DSLR machine. With all the choices that I may have had, I chose this, the Sony A330. While thinking what would be the best beginner hardware, I had to feel and test each and every one that matches my humble budget. So its like the grip, the hold, those buttons and overall feel which will be the deciding factors.

I asked many friends and had snooped through the net to see for myself and realised that most of these hobbyist would say that the one for you would be the one which you would feel comfortable with. Truly enough, mine was with the A330. And after all, we all know  that it’s the skill of the photographer and not the machine itself.

That brings me to search for some venues for me to accelerate the techniques my new hobby at least beyond the beginner’s level. For a start I registered to a beginner’s class offered by Sony. Hopefully, I would learn and apply those skills and enhance my skills to this new hobby. Watch out. I would be aiming for that perfect shot!