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The one with the Muruku…

It was late at night and the only snack in the bedroom was a canister of muruku….

Wife: Are you hungry?

Hubby: Not really…..

Wife: Pass me that canister of muruku.

Hubby reached out to the side of the bed and handed over the canister of muruku to the wife. 1 min, 2 mins….. 5 mins. *crack, crunch* It was the hubby who was eating the muruku, more and more he dipped his fingers into the canister. Somehow, wondering why his wife was not eating it at all. After enjoying a whole lot of some muruku, thirst sets in. Hubby looked around looking for the water bottle only to realized that it was downstairs.

Hubby: Am going down to drink water and take the water bottle up, Dear.

Wife: Uh, ok.

As the hubby walked away and upon reaching the door to go downstairs, turned around and looked at his wife.

Hubby: You didn’t want to eat those muruku after all, you knew! You wanted to drink.

And they both laughed and thought that either one would have out-smarted the other.

The moral of the story is when we have our objectives and dreams set, sometimes there are many ways to achieve the desired results. After all, as the saying goes “all roads lead to Rome”.

Cast: Hubby (Sunny Lee), Wife (Mrs. Lee)…….need I say more, she got to drink after all.


1 Neighborhood – Sukaneka

Sunday 7th February 2010. The Residence Association of TMP organized the event for JKP Zone 9 MPSJ Community Carnival involving all the area within JKP Zone 9 coverage consisting of  Taman Sri Puchong, Taman Industri Puchong, Taman Mutiara Puchong, Lakeview Residence and Lake Edge.

This is an event collectively organised by the AJKS comprising the various residences to enhance community relationship amongst the various residential communities in the spirit of community bonding.

Very glad that this event turned out to be a well participated one. I guess these are the efforts needed to bring all of us closer to that vision of 1 Malaysia.

CNY Rush…

The queue to Trolleys @ 10.30pm

This the scene that we encountered even though we started our CNY essentials shopping at 10.30pm on Saturday. Everyone is eagerly awaiting trolleys. The entire store is jammed packed. I really wondered what it would be like earlier. Madness rush… typical of Malaysians? Kiasu-ism? or just plain, like I would say “last-minute shoppers”. If all these guys are last-minute shoppers, I guess it explains why I still don’t get the CNY mood yet. I remember posting last week about bringing our own bags for shopping on a Saturday. Well, this week we were all ready with our bags, only to find out that this particular Saturday, Tesco will give bags for free. Hahaha… gotcha, I guess.

We shopped on a Saturday!

Last week, my family and I was shopping for some CNY stuffs. We were in the afternoon at the Curve and then later at Ikano’s. At night we ventured out again after not fulfilling the shopping list to Sunway Pyramid. Boy, I must say that shopping requires more energy than one got to expect.

While at the Curve, we shopped at Metrojaya and bought some stuffs and then headed to buy other things at Ikano. It was the evening outing to Sunway Pyramid’s Jusco that really reminded us that it was a Saturday. I bought a pair of shoes for Gabriel and when i finished paying the cashier, I was waiting for the plastic bag to be given to me. That lady cashier smiled and say, “Sir, its Saturday today and in Selangor, all Saturdays are plastic bags free”. *duh*.

Am I supposed to be walking around the mall with the shoe box? Obviously I wasn’t prepared at all, but hey, we were given bags the whole day. So is this by preference of the retailers or is it mandatory that we all support the “no plastic bag day”? I would very much support’ only if I really come prepared with my own bags. I do have some, but its all kept nicely at home. Guess after this incident, I would have to keep some of these bags in our cars. And to all retailers who have given bags on Saturday…. please consider fully supporting this good cause and over time it will make a difference. Last Saturday I paid 20 cents for that Jusco bag and hopefully I’ll remember to bring mine the next time.