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3-2-1…. now!

I just remembered this game I used to play whenever I come across power failures. I wonder how many of us do the same. When I was a kid, each time when there is a power failure I use to start my game of countdown. It goes like…. 3-2-1 now! Whenever I reach now!, I would have anticipated that electricity would be restored. Well, it was really fun then when at times I really do hit the dot and viola brightness everywhere.

It never occurs to me that I would have to reach out for the candles in the first instance. I would just wait and wait and do those countdowns. Why not reaching for those candles when I needed light?

Now, as I recall this, I wonder, in our daily lives we too at times wait for these countdowns. And if it doesn’t happen we would pacify ourselves and say “never mind, the next round”. But then, sometimes in life we will never know which next round would bring us that moment.

Looking back, if there is a power failure now, it seems childish to be doing these countdowns. It’s like hoping for things to happen. Frankly, I would have gone straight to the switch boxes or at least reach out for those candles. *some might say call TNB*.

True enough, most of the time we would wait and do those countdowns. Whether its completing a project, starting something or ending something. Sometimes, in life it never happens. If it is light that we want, reach out for those candles. There are many things that we want in our life but it’s just that we are simply not making it happen. We being as humane as any other would just do those countdowns and hope for miracles to happen.

Miracles… do they happen or did we just grab that box of matches and made it come true. *food for thought*