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Model Inc.

Last Saturday, I attended a half-day photography class which was conducted by Sony. It’s a complimentary class titled “Basic Photography with Alpha”. Since it was a free introduction class to DSLR photography, I did not expect so much from the class besides getting some basic photography tips from the speaker. John Shum was his name, middle-aged and seems to have years of experience with those lenses. I was seated in front of those 30 something participants who look like they are all from different walks of life.

“A, S and M settings, remember these” was what my pal David taught me before this class. basically he was gearing me up to those jargons. Well, I thank him at least for making me understand better. If not for his tips I would have been in the class wondering in LaLa Land.

My amateur model shoot

Having noticed the extensive ppt of John, I realized that this guy is taking every word he says seriously and professionally. Welcome to the 83rd Class. Aaaa… No wonder, he has taught these classes since years ago and thats why he looked so composed and relaxed.  During his lecture, I understood more about the basic techniques to photography. Nice room setup and detailed explanations. We had a really good time learning and fiddling with our own machines. All of a sudden, “Are those two models here?”, uttered John. Models, I wasn’t really thinking that they will provide models for us to shoot. Indeed, John announced that we would have an hour to do some pool-side shooting with two models.

It was really uneasy for me to instantly turned myself in a photographer to shoot someone posing. It’s just different than normal camera clicking. WTH…. just shoot! Goodness, I must say that those shots are really amateur and it could also be because I hadn’t had my lunch. Shaky hands. I did not take many shots as I had difficulty of adjusting the camera as the backlighting was strong. Nevertheless, I am still grateful that I managed some decent ones. *comment of this photo*

Back at the class at about 5pm. I wondered what time would it be over as I was really hearing my stomach growling. I smell food and food it is. Viola, they serve food. Fried noodles, chicken wings, sandwiches along with coffee and tea. Not bad, for a complimentary seminar.

An hour later, it was time to round-up and we had our group photo session and bade goodbye. Goodbye at least for the day as we will be in touch primarily through a forum addressed So… my well spent Saturday afternoon and afterall, sometimes complimentary stuffs could still turnout worthwhile. I guess it’s the passion of the people organizing it. Thank you Sony.


Aiming for that perfect shot

Sony A330

Should you buy anything with impulsion, you would already known deep inside that “its been killing not wanting to buy”….. I, finally bought my 1st DSLR machine. With all the choices that I may have had, I chose this, the Sony A330. While thinking what would be the best beginner hardware, I had to feel and test each and every one that matches my humble budget. So its like the grip, the hold, those buttons and overall feel which will be the deciding factors.

I asked many friends and had snooped through the net to see for myself and realised that most of these hobbyist would say that the one for you would be the one which you would feel comfortable with. Truly enough, mine was with the A330. And after all, we all know  that it’s the skill of the photographer and not the machine itself.

That brings me to search for some venues for me to accelerate the techniques my new hobby at least beyond the beginner’s level. For a start I registered to a beginner’s class offered by Sony. Hopefully, I would learn and apply those skills and enhance my skills to this new hobby. Watch out. I would be aiming for that perfect shot!