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Really missing you

This is about how you are truly being missed.

Like a well crafted clockwork, it begins with the basic routine in the morning preparing to leave home.

Amidst heavy traffic, we immersed into our other self. Often the darker one. Surely without politeness and courtesy.

In a rush we clock for the fulfillment of the time which we wage ourselves for.

At midday, the decisiveness role of whom to eat with and what to eat tolls the only hour that we might have.

Only to return to our station to faithfully fulfill our daily obligations.

The final hour struck and we call it a day but, “ring, ring”…. it’s the mobile.

Relaxing with the drive home radio program and yet drowning into yet another traffic crawl rushing home.

Finally back home, home sweet home where Daddy’s little girl wants some time with her bedtime story after dinner.

Having tucked our angels to bed, and with our loved ones snuggling at the late night news.

We looked again at the most missed person of the day…..

It’s at the mirror. You finally remembered, what happened today. “I really missed you”. I have not been with MYSELF the entire day.

In our daily lives, we often focus so much on our surrounding and the people whom we love and interact with, only to missed the mere fact that they are who they are to us simply because of our existence. In short, Love Ourself.

“Genuine love should first be directed at oneself – if we do not love ourselves, how can we love others?” Dalai Lama


Take your time…. really?

As I pen this, I realized that I have been playing catch up with my time. Funny as it seems, I was wondering about this like a month ago that by now I would have all the time in the world. Hmmmmmnnn, looks like time interprets differently to different people at different situations.

As I reflex on my pass, there wasn’t a time when I had enough time. Right from the days of my schooling days, time wasn’t enough until now, being into the employment world. Deadlines… deadlines. That’s why they’re spelled D-E-A-D-L-I-N-E-S.

And now I began to wonder, what’s with all these people who seems to have more time for everything else. It’s just that same 24 hours. Why and what’s the difference? Many of us define time as the minutes-hand or hour-hand that moves clockwise thereby giving us a measurement of what we call time. But, what about during those medieval times when clock wasn’t invented? The position of the sun?

To me, as I begin to ponder, time is just a void between accomplishing what is needed of us. Imagine… when we are so focused in doing something or let’s just say enjoying something, time flies but we don’t look back and say we don’t have time cause we realized that we had optimized the available time to accomplish what we set out to do.

Focus…. that may be the keyword. With that we know that we would be accomplishing more than others giving the same resources thereby translating into others that may say “Why is he having so much time?”.

So the next time we know that we are running out of time or when are short of time, just focus and accomplish whatever that is needed. The phrase which we hear from young “Take your time…” actually doesn’t really help. Focus and accomplish, thereby knowing instantly that we have that extra time to accomplish more.

To every action there is always an equal reaction?

Everyday, we faced with many encounters with the people who we meet each day. Yeah… almost all of us wake up to an equally brand new day. We start our day thinking about all the excitement that we are about to receive every moment in our day.

Then, we realized that as human as we are, we sometimes go through a roller-coaster of mood swings or emotional change within the day. And, we very well know that it is we ourselves that we need to be reminded of how we re-act to each and every moment. This brings us to what Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion which is the Law of Reciprocal Actions.

To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions”.

True enough, our emotions react with the action of our sub-consciousness to anything by giving an equal reaction. That slow car in front of us, the grumpy partner, the mischievous kid, the rude waiter, the insensitive employee and to some of us that ever demanding boss.

For that very moment, we set ourselves in that very reaction of mood that we reflect it back to the other person only to realize later that it should not be reacted in that very manner. However, it is how fast we snap out of that state of emotion that really matters and to focus back into our mood that we intended it to be at the beginning of our day.

To me, its ok to be snapping into these moods of not being ourselves but a successful person would be one who almost immediately snapping back into their intended state of mind. Furthermore, we can’t be controlling what the other person is thinking or what might he may be going through.

Life is as such. Everyone that we meet, friends, loved ones, colleagues and even total strangers carry their own fair share or burdens on their backs. It is only nature that they have to let it out to the people that they meet. They like us too, do not like to pour out these mood swings to anyone.

We may think that we can’t be helping them, or we can’t be controlling what or how they behave with their moods. Think again! Instead of giving them the equal reaction to their action, we could break it and just SMILE. Priceless to that person who would receive those smiles and effortless to those who send them.

SMILE…. and if they noticed, you’ve let them find someone whom they can be relieving their baggage of burden. And when they relieve upon us, don’t take it personally and move on. We’ll be glad that we did, for someday, we would be also looking for someone else to relieve our own fair share of baggage of burdens and to be SMILED at.

Whats for lunch?

What’s for lunch? Kids ask that. Husbands and wives laugh and quarrel over it. MILs (mother-in-law) starring at the wall wondering what to cook.

We are not discussing about what we should be eating here nor is this a topic about culinary skills. It’s about decisions. Albeit, small ones. I realized that we make many decisions in a day without us really realizing it. Even before we wake up, we have already decided the night before, about the time that we should be waking up. At the closet, we decide about what we should be wearing. *Major one for the fairer gender*. Life is so full of choices, so much that we sometimes can’t decide for ourselves what we really want but yet we still go through every single day by making many choices.

What’s the difference of making these decisions of daily chores comparing with decisions that would change us? Are decisions be divided into simple ones against difficult ones? Could making decisions about daily chores be linked to our sub-conscious or it is a ‘need’ scenario.

I need to wake up at 6am (you have to wake up dude!). I need to eat my lunch (you’re hungry). I need to wear a business suit today (can’t present in my pyjamas). Whereas, those other decisions could be about stuffs that we are not so eager about…. that anything goes scenario. Whatever its in your mind? You’re right! That’s what I am talking about.

Guess we don’t need to be a genius to figure this part. When we have to do it (need), we WILL be decisive. It has to anyway. Whether I am going for that burger, fried chicken, pizza or any other choices….. I know for a fact that I have to eat, cause I AM HUNGRY. *so now, what’s for lunch?*

What a beautiful morning

There was this time when i was in a café early in the morning having my breakfast when I saw two persons sitting across me at different tables. The one on the left ordered a hot coffee of the day and the one sitting opposite the other table ordered a tall latte.

The one on the left seems to be having a “not -so-good” morning. Annoyed and agitated with each and every call that came through his mobile. I could see the frowning on his face. “Boy, he must be having a bad mood?”, I wondered.

On the other side, this guy who looks as if he was on top of the world sips his latte as he would taste a ten-year old wine. He is so cheerful until I could almost feel his joy and happiness.

Now, I wondered….. How can two persons be in the same environment feel so differently? They both choose to be at this café for their morning dose of caffeine. Nice ambience, nice coffee and nice service. Both of them have had the same to be offered at the same morning at the same place and yet both had very different moods. I bet their day would be very different. The one on the left would have chosen his day to be “one of those days” and the one on the right would have said to himself  “What a beautiful morning”.

I finished my breakfast and as I was leaving the café, I looked back and thought, “What a beautiful morning” and I knew its just a choice.

It’s always RED when we’re rushing!

Almost unbelievable! It’s just meters away. I was stationary at about the same place even when those lights changed three times. Guess thats why this picture which was taken by my E71 was rather well-focused and angled. That was how bad the traffic situation was. If we go on discussing about the traffic situation in this country, a book could be written. I am not about to blog about the horrendous side of our driving ethics and road mannerism. That, shouldn’t be hard for any Malaysians to figure out.

It’s always RED when we’re rushing! Well, yes…. you may say. Everyone has had that moment. Some of us have it daily. No, I don’t think it’s a coincidence. It’s about the moment that we’re in. When we’re not rushing, we’re more carefree and we enjoy the scenery and the music from the radio. On the contrary, we’re late. Consequences of being late brings unpleasant scenarios which we would want to avoid. Sweaty palms, increased heartbeat and even body temperature….. That’s when we swear at almost anything that comes along which would delay us. *just because we might be late*.

The same goes for our daily lives. Sometimes, when we’re agitated or being not in the mood, we tend to see everything in RED. It’s as if the whole world is turned against us. Some of us has this syndrome at the beginning of each week. It’s alright, we’re just as human as the next person to us. The point to ponder is that, when we see RED, how do we react and affect the others around us? As the saying goes, “Do unto others, what we want others to do unto us”. Be sensitive to the ones around us. Take a deep breath…. *viola* and the next best thing we know is, that’s history. So, the next time when we see RED, remember the lights. It’s always back to GREEN after RED and it could just be a deep breath away.